Updated Immigration Ban

On Monday, the president reissued his immigration ban order. Some of the  changes he has made to the immigration plan include:

Taking Iraq out of the seven targeted nations of the ban

Making the ban effective March 16th

Current visa holders are no longer affected

Syrian refugees are barred temporarily

Refugees already granted asylum will be allowed

Now of course, my focus on this whole issue lies primarily in the fact that our president is making a religious discrimination here. I believe he is showing nothing but ignorance by saying that we should not allow refugees into the country because they are potential terrorists. As I stated in the last post, there should be some sort of extensive screening process applicable to all immigrants. Syrian refugees are barred for 120 days. I’m not sure what is supposed to happen after those 120 days, however. I have a feeling President Trump will probably look for a way to bar them indefinitely, but seeing that his last attempt at getting this immigration ban across did not go too great, that probably will not happen. I think that the idea of barring a specific group of people from entering the country because of the potential for terrorism incites fear. A nation cannot become “great” or “great again” on ignorance and fear. We need to find a viable solution in which the  U.S. can help those who need it while at the same time have the right security precautions in place to prevent those are actually are violent from coming in without being so discriminatory.

If someone wants to commit an act of terrorism, which is a crime, then they’ll find a way into the country they want to attack regardless of immigration policy. I’m sure a terrorist has no problem entering a country illegally. In my opinion, what we as country should do is lend a hand to those who need it, while at the same time remaining cautious of the potential dangers that come with letting refugees or immigrants from anywhere into the United States.


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