Update on the “Travel Ban”

I would like to start this post by just posing the question, just out of curiosity, if republicans and supporters of the immigration order feel the way about it being referred to as a “travel ban” as most liberal Americans felt about the term “Obama Care.” Not that either of them sound offensive or generally wrong, but I think each were given as labels by those opposing the policy decision.

I was pleased to hear that recently, ten different groups brought together by the Long Island Civic Engagement Table. The Engagement Table is run in Brentwood, New York, a more ethnically diverse part of Long Island. I found it interesting to find out about this because I am from Long Island, not too far from Brentwood and it’s interesting to see them take action during what seems to be an increasingly volatile time. As far it goes for Utica, the situation is rough. Recently, six staff members were laid off at the Mohawk Valley Refugee Center, and many of the refugees fear what they may face in the future. I am hopeful that a solution that benefits those who are in need and our national security is reached.



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