So yeah

As I have been ranting about the “travel ban” as we have come to know it, I fee as though this mainly a topic with many questions to be asked about it.

A big question that most critics of this order from The President have is, since it is the administration’s job to protect the country, in what way is this in the best interest of our national security? It was said by the Whitehouse that those who would be coming in from the countries listed in the ban pose as a security threat because of the circumstances they are coming from. Of course terrorism is the big scare here. But with Hawaii having taken a strong legal stance against said “travel ban” last month, an intelligence report from Homeland Security stated that of the eighty-two people who were inspired by foreign influences to commit acts of terrorism in the US, half of them were native born citizens of the US. Then again, that does mean that half of those eighty-two were from outside the US. But those looking for citizenship I feel would be less likely suspects of terrorism. Like I said before, people who want to do bad things will do bad things to achieve their goal of… well, doing more bad things.

I also found it interesting to learn that there is an immigration law in place that prohibits discrimination by the government when it comes to the issuance of visas. So maybe our president has a bit to learn still…? Some scholars also argue that the states do not have a basis in which to file a lawsuit with the government on. However, some states, those being Washington, Minnesota, and Hawaii can present a valid case to the federal government because they have claimed last month that their economy could potentially be at risk.


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