After watching the legal and civil liberties issues of the executive order to temporarily ban travel and withhold visas from a group of middle eastern countries unfold, I feel as though my original view has not changed much. In some ways it has, in that I know a little bit more now about the problems this policy issue carries with it. But I still feel the same about it as I had before I knew anything about it.

How is it that I feel? Well, I’m no social justice warrior, but I feel that as someone who is in the more comfortable position, that it is partly my duty as a citizen to stand up for those who are facing discrimination. And totally believe that the executive order on immigration is discriminatory toward Muslims.  There seems to be no way to hide, and no matter how you look at it, it still shapes out to be an act of clear discrimination on the basis of religion. This issue originally caught my attention when I read that he fired attorney general Sally Yates when she urged the justice department not to endorse it

What I feel I have learned about this issue is that it is more widely supported than I thought. I say this because the executive order, even after its revision, still can be seen as constitutionally faulted and unjust. Even then, it still is locked in legal battles among the courts of appeals, some of which found reasons to strike down the ban. However a coalition of state attorney generals in south still plan to defend Trump’s presidential authority, claiming this is necessary for it concerns our nation’s security.

It could be argues that we have done worse as a country before. Not that is totally rational to compare situations, but the internment of Japanese citizens during world war two was more extreme, and President Roosevelt got away with that and is remembered as one our best leaders. We live in a world that seems to be dominated by fear. And I believe that fear, which includes resistance to accept differences, creates ignorance. As long as we stay afraid of those who have been branded with a discriminatory label because of the few who bring disgrace upon their culture, I feel as though it will be difficult for us to move forward. And it is plainly seen, to me at least, that the real motive behind the executive order is fear. I don’t think USA has anything to afraid of. ‘Murica.


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